April 6th, 5pm: Madison Greenstone, clarinets – Graduate Recital

April 6th, 7pm: Kyle Adam Blair presents: “With A Little Help From My Friends…”

April 7th: SD Soundings @ the Front Arte Cultura

April 9th, 5pm: Hearing the Unsounded: Improvisation Between Spaces

April 9th, 7pm: Mari Kawamura, piano – Graduate Recital

April 10th, 5pm: Duo Malaka presents Musica Machina

April 10th, 7pm: Ben Rempel – Graduate Percussion Recital

April 11th, 12-6pm: PAGEBOY

April 11th, 12-3:30pm: Pi-saro / pi (1-2954)

April 11th, 7pm: SD Soundings @ the University Art Gallery

April 12th, 5pm: Voicing Space

April 12th, 7pm: Eva-Maria Houben and Morgan Evans-Weiler

April 13th, 5pm: XX

April 13th, 6:30pm: Hermetic Art Party

April 13th, 7:15pm (sunset) – April 14th, 3:30am: every once in a while i don’t believe you II

April 14th and 15th: High Desert Soundings

April 17th, 2-5pm: Improvisation Workshop with Roughhousing