every once in a while i don’t believe you II

Conrad Prebys Music Center, Room 365
April 13th, 7:15 pm (sunset) – April 14th, 3:30 am

Jacob Sundstrom (composer/writer/creator)
Anonymous female, 43 yrs old

An overnight 8-hour quasi-realtime work that turns the bio-potentials of the brain during sleep into sound. Guided by the hypnogram of an anonymous woman who’s EEG was captured for scientific purposes, her sleep progression creates the form of the piece. We share in her dreams and follow her through the night. Visitors are welcome to stay the night and sleep during the work. Pillows and blankets are welcome.

Although trained as a composer, ​ Jacob Sundstrom’s ​ (b. 1988) work has branched out into several mediums and fields. Among these interests are installation, visual, glitch, data bending, and recently, EEG-based art. His work tends to focus on the friction between and among medium, performer(s), and process: using the process against the performers, the process against the medium, the medium against the performers, and visa versa and so on. Out of this friction arises fascinating, beautiful, and often surprising results.

Sundstrom’s musical work has been performed by ensembles including Inverted Space, the JACK Quartet, and the Seattle Chamber Players. His visual work has been showcased by the Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle and he was a featured artist at the Georgetown Art Attack Special Events at CoCA Un[contained] at Equinox Studios. As a researcher, his work on EEG-driven musical interfaces has been published in ​ Frontiers in Human Neuroscience ​ and presented at the Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting​ . ​ For what it’s worth, he studied music and philosophy at the University of California, San Diego and music at the University of Washington. He is currently a PhD student in computer music at the University of California, San Diego.