Improv Workshop with Roughhousing

April 17th, 2-5pm, Conrad Prebys Music Center, Room 136

Roughhousing is a trio featuring Evan Lipson (double bass), Zach Darrup (electric guitar), and Jack Wright (saxophones).  Jack Wright is a formidable veteran of improvised music who has toured the US and Europe regularly since the ’80s.  In January 2017, he published his first book, entitled The Free Musics.  About his book, Jack writes: “This book presents a new way of looking at the music, not from the perspective of consumers, the promotional media, and academics. but the situation musicians find themselves in. It takes into account their assumptions and practices–their musical approach, relations to the music world, to each other, and to the social order, conditions that have changed since the origins of the free musics.”  Zach is a true autodidact with an endlessly inventive approach to sound-making while Evan’s range of experience boasts performances with legendary figures such as the Shaking Ray Levi Society and Weasel Walter.
As part of their visit, which will include a presentation for the undergraduates in Department seminar as well as a performance at the SD Soundings satellite event in the High Desert,  Roughhousing will be leading a workshop on April 17th, from 2-5pm, in CPMC 136.  Musicians of all levels of experience with improvisation are encouraged to attend.  Bring some money if you’d like to buy Jack’s book.  And, most importantly, remember to bring your instruments!